The Letters Project

The Letters Project is a collaborative multimedia installation that explores the interactive relationship between original visual artwork with original creative text. The installation, which features the poetry of Deborah Pope, the letterforms and digital prints of artist Merrill Shatzman and my animation, highlights the potential of digital media in translating the written word. The video connected the different art forms by creating a dimension of time and rhythm as well as visuals that interpret the atmosphere of the poem and reflect the physical creation of the letterforms. Art in all its rhythms of paradox, play, persistence, its rough turns, and joys: its restless circling, transcendent moments of ephemeral poise, and ceaseless seeking. The Letters Project was supported by a Duke University Council for the Arts Collaborative Development Grant.

Music by Bob M, from "Tribe: Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors," Raven Recording.

Five Continents International Film Festival, Venezuela – June 2019
South Film & Arts Academic Festival, Rancagua, Chile - June 15, 2019
New York Lift-Off Online Film Festival - June 2019
Magmart Video Under Volcano International Film Festival, X Edition - May 2019
Tokyo Lift-Off Online Film Festival - May 2019
“ART” Exhibition, East Corridor, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA - 2010
Letters exhibition, LoDi Project, Mezzanine Gallery, Raleigh, NC, USA - 2019