LANDeSCAPES is a multi-media collaboration with printmaker Merrill Shatzman, and musician Jonathan Henderson that examines the fragility of our environment and how it is threatened by global warming, industrial exploitation, and overpopulation. In addition to raising awareness of these important issues, depicting the spiritual beauty that exists within the landscape, from the most minute species to ancient geologic rock formations and their life cycles is principal to our collaboration. Reacting to the impending downsizing and industrial abuse of select areas of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah, our installations celebrate the beauty of selected landscapes found within this barren environment and their ability to survive. The subjects and materials used in the installations display vulnerability as these endangered animals, plants, rock formations, and populations withstand extreme heat, erosion, flooding, fires, and profiteering by depleting rich underground natural resources through drilling and mining.

LANDeSCAPE is inspired by the Utah landscape and the many contrasts they present: These landscapes are large and grandiose, but if you look close, you can find so many numerous details in colors, texture, and form; These landscapes areas powerful but at the same time, exist in an very fragile ecosystem as the rock formations that basically consist of sand and sometimes can be destroyed by a single footstep; The population is very sparse and yet these landscapes are now threatened by civilization because they have recently been opened to the extraction of natural resources.

LANDeSCAPE includes multiple installations that combine laser-cut prints, silkscreen prints, paper, maps, light and video projections. Each installation is carefully orchestrated to emphasize the precarious nature of the environment it is describing and the impending threat to it.