Solitary Confinement

This animation is a visual representation of an excerpt from prisoner Chris McBride’s letter to the newspaper Indy Week dated on July 4th, 2012. This piece attempts to visually communicate, in less than 2 minutes, the amount of time a prisoner spends in very small confinement, the minuscule amount of time spent outside the cell and the psychological impact this can have. The idea of illustrating written content with animations and (sometimes interactive) graphics, let’s call it visual journalism, interests me, and is gaining in popularity, for example in the online edition of the New York Times. My piece “Solitary Confinement” tries to convey not just the content, but also the mood of the article – or, more specifically, the letter.

– Meraki Film Festival, Madrid, Spain. Berlin, Germany. April 16-17, 2021. – Semi-Finalist
– Courage Film Festiva. Berlin, Germany. MAY 3, 2021. – Semi-Finalist
– Defy Film Festival, Nashville, TN, USA.
– Tarheel Shorties Film Festival, Wilmington, NC, USA.
– Ethnograpfilm Paris, France.
– International Film & Video Festival “Cathartsis”, Moscow. Semi-finalist
– Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival, Gaza.
– Carrboro Film Festival, Carrboro, NC, USA.
– North Dakota Film Festival, Fargo, ND, USA.
– La Femme International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
– Respect Belfast Human Rights Film Festival, Belfast, UK.
– Global Peace Film Festival, Florida, USA.
– Five Continents International Film Festival, Venezuela. (best experimental short film)
– Short to the Point Film Festival. 
– Low to No Int’l Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV. 
– Social Political Short Film Festival, Missoula, MT. 
– Magmart video under volcano, X Edition.
– London X4 Seasonal Short Film Festival, London, UK. 
– Free Speech TV. 2016 • 12 Month Film Festival. (2nd winner)
– Carmarthen Bay Film Festival, Wales UK. 
– UNSPOKEN Human Rights Film Festival, Utica, NY. 
– Athens International Film + Video Festival. Athens, OH. 
– Reel Teal Film Festival, Wilmington, NC. 
– Carolina Film & Video Festival, Greensboro, NC. 
– In Practice Exhibit. Power Plant Gallery, Durham, NC.